Building community one step at a time

Building community one step at a time

Our Mandate

“To generate economic activity and opportunity for the benefit of the local economy and community well-being”

Kluane Community Development Corporation was established in 2011 by Kluane First Nation with a mandate of building local economy and providing economic development services within the First Nation’s traditional territory located in the village of Burwash Landing and the surrounding Kluane Lake Region of Canada’s Yukon Territory

Our Mission

“Kluane Community Development Corporation is committed to establishing an economic base for the Kluane First Nation. The corporation is the economic arm of the Kluane First Nation government.”

With sponsorship and direction from the Kluane First Nation Government, KCDC works to create business and contracting opportunities for Kluane First Nation citizens throughout the Yukon, and to administer projects that will develop infrastructure and improve the quality of living within the local community. KCDC, along with our investment based sister organization Kluane Dana Shaw, represent Kluane First Nation’s economic development interests.

Our Vision

"A strong self-sufficient corporation that has contributed to the social and economic well-being of KFN citizens."

Our Board of Directors and Management team is dedicated to working in partnership with Kluane First Nation Citizens to develop a vibrant and independent community by creating sustainable benefits that will extend to future generations.

A dynamic and growing organization, KCDC strives to expand the quality, scope, and diversity of services that we offer to the community. Take a look at our Projects page for more information about our current and past activities such as:

  • Road building and infrastructure construction
  • Residential and commercial construction
  • Camp catering and logistical support
  • Eco Tourism initiatives
  • Expediting Services
  • Mining and mineral exploration support
  • Training in trades and occupational safety
  • Renewable energy solutions
  • Occupational First Aid attendant training and placement
  • Skilled worker placement

Our Team

Kluane Community Development Corporation Board Of Directors

Chair: Diyet Van Lieshout

Directors: Robin Chambers, Geordan Clark, Bertha Doris

Kluane Community Development Corporation Managment

Executive Manager: Greg Leblanc

General Manager: Colin Asselstine

Administrative Assistant: Kelly Wroot