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In October of 2016 Kluane Community Development LP. broke the ground in front of the existing Burwash arena in order to lay the foundation for the construction of a new gym and changeroom addition to the facility. With funding from CanNor, the Community Development Fund, and Kluane First Nation, the construction of the prefabricated building included two changerooms, two full washrooms with showers, a spacious exercise room, a vestibule connecting the addition to the arena, and a garage to house the planned mini-zamboni that will service the arena ice.

Over the course of several months of construction the project employed 10 Kluane First Nation citizens as full and part time labourers who were trained on the job under the guidance of a certified Red Seal Carpenter and were able to apply their employment hours towards a Carpentry Journeyman program if they chose to. The winter build was hard on equipment and staff alike and we’d like to thank all of the crew members for their commitment and perseverance through all the frozen fingertips and long days it took to make this project possible!

The Cross Laminate Timber building system that was used is a relatively new technology and Burwash Landing will be the first community to showcase this construction style in the Yukon. Designed for eco-efficiency, the new addition is a beautiful, modern space that we hope residents of the Kluane area will enjoy for years to come and will be proud to invite our neighbors to visit in a challenge on Burwash home ice!

GYM washroom