The Kluane N’tsi (Wind) Energy Project project involves the installation of three 100 kW capacity wind turbines on a plot of crown land between Destruction Bay and Burwash Landing, Yukon, just off the Alaska Highway. The Kluane First Nation project will be owned and operated by Kluane Community Development Corporation, with project funding from a variety of sources including the federal REACHE program, the Yukon Government, and the First Nation. After several years in the planning and research stages construction of the three turbines is scheduled to proceed in 2018.

The energy generated by the wind project will be sold to ATCO Electric Yukon through an Energy Purchase Agreement as outlined in the Independent Power Production Policy from the Yukon Department of Energy, Mines and Resources. The energy will likely be priced according to the avoided cost of diesel generation.

In addition to generating a revenue stream for the Kluane First Nations and the associated economic benefits from the construction and operating activities, the project will displace over 20% of the diesel fuel used in the community for electricity generation which will result in reduced GHG emissions associated with generation and transportation of the fuel. The risk of damage to the environment due to emissions and potential spills, and the health impact of particulate and gaseous emissions will also be reduced.

Securing reliable and renewable energy is essential in Canada’s northern and remote communities. This project helps to serve as a prototype for the development of similar projects in other remote communities which currently rely on diesel-powered micro-grid electricity. The demonstrated success of the project, and capacity built through its implementation, will be positive steps in rolling out similar projects across remote arctic communities.