Donjek Glacier

Kluane Community Development LP is currently working with Parks Canada to develop an Eco Tourism opportunity situated within the Kluane National Park and Reserve and the Core Area of Kluane First Nation's Final Agreement.

The initial idea was brought to KCDLP by Parks Canada, who is very interested in building a sustainable, iconic Ecotourism experience within Kluane National Park as it is part of one of the largest protected areas left in the world encompassing breathtaking views of valleys, mountain ranges, and glaciers and is also the home for many wild animals such as grizzlies, sheep, moose, and wolves.

In 2015 Kluane Community Development Corporation signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Pure North Canada to explore the market demand and feasibility for the development of an ecotourism project in Kluane National Park.

Proposed site location overlay (click for larger image)
Proposed site location map (click for larger image)

Pure North has conducted the market study and feasibility work for a potential Base Camp/ecolodge required for the development of a viable, competitive, socio-culturally and environmentally sustainable ecotourism business that is supported by Kluane First Nation and Parks Canada. In the near future KCDLP hopes to proceed further with the project by tendering a Request For Proposal for the development of a complete and comprehensive Business Plan, and will continue to investigate funding sources and potential partnerships that would assist us in ensuring this project’s success.

The Market and Feasibility Study and community consultation has revealed that the preferred location of the lodge would be situated near Big Horn Lake, which lies in the Donjek River Valley and offers stunning views of the Donjek and Kluane glaciers, and mellow terrain which allows for a great deal of options for exploring the surrounding area. An abundance of existing hiking trails and cultural sites could provide story telling material and programming options, and the site also offers best immediate wildlife viewing opportunities, based on warmer temperatures and lusher vegetation.

Proposed site location
Proposed site location
Site Concept Plan

Kluane National Park and Reserve offers pristine wilderness and environment, rivaling African Safari destinations for diversity and exclusiveness. An Ecotourism orientated lodge situated within the park will provide an outlet for cultural expression and development of programs that promote preservation and perpetuation of the Kluane First Nation and Southern Tutchone culture.

In the summers of 2016 and 2017 KCDLP, in partnership with Parks Canada, hosted two Culture and Tourism camps at the Bighorn Lake Wardens Cabin for Kluane First Nation citizens. The fly in camps were intended to give citizens the opportunity to experience and enjoy this remote location in their traditional territory and to visit the proposed ecotourism site, share traditional knowledge of the area, and bring the community a sense of inclusion and partnership to the project.
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KFN Chief, Councilors, and guests with Parks Canada representative at site location. 2017 Bighorn Camp.