Nickle Creek Platinum Corp (formerly Wellgreen Platinum Ltd.) is a Canadian mining exploration and development company whose flagship Nickel Shäw project site is located approximately 25 kilometers from Burwash Landing, within Kluane First Nation’s traditional territory.
The Nickel Shäw project (named with the local Southern Tuchone word Shäw, meaning Big, by Kluane First Nation Elders) is host to over 2 billion pounds of nickel and other valuable minerals, and aspires towards becoming a world-class nickel sulphide mine.

In 2012 Kluane First Nation signed the first of a series of cooperative agreements with Nickel Creek that address employment, training and contracting opportunities for the First Nation’s citizens and businesses and gives the aboriginal government equity in the company.
KCDPL has acted on behalf of the First Nation for several years to fulfil the service based terms of these agreements by providing an expansive range of support services to the Nickel Shäw project. KCDLP recruits skilled workers from the Kluane First Nation Citizenry, other Yukon First Nations, and local Non- First Nation populations to staff a majority of the seasonally available positions on the project including Camp Managers, Equipment Operators, Camp Cooks, Environmental Monitors, Occupational First Aid Attendants, Core Technicians, and Labourers. In 2017 KCDLP was able to sponsor several KFN citizens to receive Occupational First Aid training in order for them to meet the requirements of that position.  Rental or lease of KFN citizen owned heavy equipment, and use of services provided by KFN citizen business owners at Nickel Shäw is also facilitated by KCDLP.  From fuel delivery, purchasing and expediting, logistics, site remediation, and camp maintenance, to administration of 3rd party contracts, KCDLP’s involvement in Nickel Shäw has been very inclusive and beneficial to the community.

All revenue generated by KCDLP for services provided to Nickel Shäw are reinvested in expanding our capacity for involvement in the project and/or redirected to other community based initiatives. The employment opportunities created through the cooperative agreement with Nickel Creek have provided an exceptional venue for KFN citizens, and particularly the youth demographic, to earn premium wages while residing within their traditional territory.

Nickel Creek staff join in drum dancing at the Kluane First Nation General Assembly
Nickel Creek staff join in drum dancing at the Kluane First Nation General Assembly